Sunday, December 25, 2016

Keep it Local

My relationships are the greatest gift in my life. The longer we know people, the more tempted we might be to hold them to who they once were. And the longer we know people, the more we owe it to them to let them change.

You all have let me change, whether you like it or not, by allowing for less tipsandtricks. When tipsandtricks started, I wanted to practice my writing, and I was open about my learning and growing in this life.

Thanks for the support in practicing writing! It has been extremely helpful to feel fluent in writing for my work in grad school. My growth in Al Anon has shifted my process tremendously. My spiritual work lately has felt too nuanced to articulate, and I trust myself and my Higher Power to work it out.

Last night at Christmas Eve dinner, my family and I talked politics for a bit, and thanks God, the conversation was friendly and interesting. One member mentioned we have to "keep it local." The local level is where we can affect the most change and from local, the change can grow larger.

Lena Stevens has encouraged me to keep Kindness and Compassion as my theme: to start with myself, and then offer Kindness and Compassion to those I love and those I meet along my way. From loving ourselves and each other well, we can feel good to move forward with enough energy to affect greater change.

My life has been asking me to love others through growth; to not say anything definitive about anyone, to give them permission to change, and to see them anew. People do change. Allow yourself to, allow your loved ones to. Start local, grow through love and love through growth, trust your loved ones' growth, want it for them; don't be afraid of what it means for you. Allowing change in ourselves and each other at a local level is where it starts, loving each other well is where it is.