Friday, November 11, 2016

For Now and Beyond

"Never fear. Never accept the appearance of things. All this shall pass in this unstable universe of ours. Do not under any circumstances engage in fear. Do what empowers you. Keep your hearts open no matter how hard. Do not engage in martyrdom, resentment or hopelessness. Let us not allow our attachments to stand in the way of the work ahead of us." --Jose and Lena Stevens

Your love is needed friends. I have felt best lately giving my prayers and my extra money to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. Thanks for these words, dearest Elena Brower: 

"Across the plains of North Dakota, thousands of people have gathered with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in recent months to protest construction of a 1,172-mile oil pipeline. What began as a legal battle to halt construction has grown into an international movement headquartered on an 80-acre campground in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The community began with members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, and has now grown up to 8,000 people.

The pipeline’s path through four states not only threatens Native American sacred lands and cultural sites, but also compromises food security and water access for families who call the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and neighboring communities home. Without a guarantee that the pipeline will be halted, the community plans to remain permanently, even with winter approaching." Watch this

Water protectors and activists from across the country sleep in tents and teepees beneath flags from 300 tribal nations, gather around campfires, and cook meals in open-air kitchens. There’s even a day care center for children. Our contributions will help keep them warm and fed as they block further construction."

Also, these organizations and organizations like them in your community, give them your time and your extra money if you have it.

"Keep your hearts open no matter how hard."