Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Thank you God for traveling and the perspective it provides. Usually, my travel mind is more open and less worrying. This last weekend, while I was in Seattle for a wedding, a few worries joined me. My favorite out-of-town clients texted and were in Taos for the weekend and wanted to do yoga with me, I had to turn them down. Bummer. Fairly soon though, I was able to Let Go and Let God.

Then my cousin told us a story of a baby cow she had seen traveling in a cattle trailer. Its little foot slipped out and was almost dragging on the highway. She honked and honked and finally got the cattle trailer driver to stop, just as the baby cow's foot got back inside. When she explained to the driver what was happening and why she was honking for him to stop, he didn't fix the hole and treated the cows unkindly. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the baby cow.

While on the phone with Jen, she informed me that she still hadn't received a package that I had sent her but post office tracking said it had been delivered on May 20th. What the heck? My mind latched right onto this problem, ready for something new to worry about.

Thank you God I was talking to Jen. I told her of all of these different scenarios my mind was holding onto; it seemed always ready for the next thing to worry about. "It's over-responsibility," she said. It's me not trusting God's divine order.

If I'm going to trust God's will about anything, which I do about lots of things, it's time I started trusting God about everything.

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