Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On Purpose ADD

To complete my work for the end of the semester, while I keep a little-bit-busier-than-normal work schedule, many highly focused hours are required. Breaks seem even more important and necessary to keep my productivity levels high.

The work I've been doing for the past two hours is reading stuff on my computer screen and writing notes. When I take a break, I do so consciously and try not to take part in a similar activity during my break.

I tidy up around the kitchen or make breakfast, sometimes I even eat breakfast standing. Standing while eating might break "best-food-eating-rules," but in context, an upright position is part of my on-purpose ADD. We can get out of balance in many different ways and focusing too hard for too long (my poor eyes!) and even too intensely can be out-of-balance. I try to notice what any long-term activity I do to my body and give corresponding body parts breathers and refreshers during breaks. If I want to read during my break from screen-work, I try and give my eyes a page in a book rather than another screen. My favorite break from sitting-down-screen-time is yoga-with-eyes-closed-time. This allows my body to move and my eyes to bathe in darkness. Even better is when I take a walk with my dogs, for expansive eye focus, contact with dog joy, and outside time.

Breaks in monotony are necessary in all aspects of life, and they can be used effectively to bring us into balance. When I'm in balance, fun and ease are closer allies, even in the midst of a busier than normal week.

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