Friday, April 22, 2016

Pig Medicine

The other day, Cousin Sally and I were hanging out in a beautiful park on the top of Canyon Road. All of a sudden, a big black pig named Doobie came over and stood and sniffed by us. Doobie had a human companion as well as a Chihuahua mix who went by Snick Snack for short. Cousin Sally and I were thrilled. Later back at home, I was disappointed to discover pigs don't have a place in Animal Speak. Pigeons, yes but, pigs, no; weird. I looked around online a bit; sometimes pigs are associated with fortune (hence piggy banks) and also, fertility, and also, lust and laziness.

Upon seeing meeting Doobie, Sally said she had recently heard of a practice of noticing delight. I hereby claim Pig Medicine is delight. When I encounter a pig from here on out, I'll take note of all of the things the day has brought that caused me delight.

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