Monday, April 25, 2016

Us Chickens

“There were no formerly heroic times, and there was no formerly pure generation. There is no one here but us chickens, and so it has always been: A people busy and powerful, knowledgeable, ambivalent, important, fearful, and self-aware; a people who scheme, promote, deceive, and conquer; who pray for their loved ones, and long to flee misery and skip death. It is a weakening and discoloring idea, that rustic people knew God personally once upon a time-- or even knew selflessness or courage or literature-- but that it is too late for us. In fact, the absolute is available to everyone in every age. There never was a more holy age than ours, and never a less.” --Annie Dillard

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pig Medicine

The other day, Cousin Sally and I were hanging out in a beautiful park on the top of Canyon Road. All of a sudden, a big black pig named Doobie came over and stood and sniffed by us. Doobie had a human companion as well as a Chihuahua mix who went by Snick Snack for short. Cousin Sally and I were thrilled. Later back at home, I was disappointed to discover pigs don't have a place in Animal Speak. Pigeons, yes but, pigs, no; weird. I looked around online a bit; sometimes pigs are associated with fortune (hence piggy banks) and also, fertility, and also, lust and laziness.

Upon seeing meeting Doobie, Sally said she had recently heard of a practice of noticing delight. I hereby claim Pig Medicine is delight. When I encounter a pig from here on out, I'll take note of all of the things the day has brought that caused me delight.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Do Not Seek and Ye Shall Find

I've been getting lots of messages lately to Let Go and Let God. Yesterday morning after pouring through my notes, I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to teach for my portion of meditation this weekend at yoga school. I decided to let it go for a bit; within the hour I had a great idea of what I could teach, and then I realized, that's probably what I taught last time.

A new favorite pair of earrings were missing for a little over week, I had been looking and hadn't had any luck. When something's missing, you can either keep looking or Let Go. After I finally surrendered looking and forgave myself for loosing them, I found them within the hour. They had been outside on the ground for over a week, and they were still good as new. Maybe it's more like "Do not seek and ye shall find;" maybe all the answers are in surrendering, forgiving and letting go.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Therapy School

Hi friends, in case you haven't heard, I'm back in school, getting my Masters in Counseling. I'm only going part time and I haven't "dropped" anything from the rest of my life. As a result of still continuing to teach, regular classes and teacher training, doing BEST and private yoga, I can occasionally feel a little over-articulated. My voice is often froggy.

I've given myself an "out" from tipsandtricks. I do intend to continue to contribute, hopefully even twice a week, maybe even still on Tuesdays and Fridays, maybe on other days. It's good for me to give myself an out. In learning about Behavior Therapy this week in school, it was good for me to learn the underlying principle of Assertiveness Training: "people have a right but not an obligation to express themselves."

I also just recently learned in Al Anon that "people have a right not to change." This was news to me since I'm always Changing McChangerson. One way I'm choosing to change more and more is to be gentle with myself, and although I love writing tipsandtricks, the way I relate to writing it is changing. This is not goodbye, more like, "maybe I'll see you on Wednesday instead of Tuesday."