Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This Time This Week

Around this time last week, I started to get nervous for a midterm paper that's due March 7th for one of my classes. For the paper, I have to interview somebody, and then, in a nutshell, write about it. I had someone in mind and I hadn't talked to him about it yet.
I called him and when he didn't call back, I stopped by his office the next day and left another message. The next day, when he still hadn't called back, I started to get more anxious. Instead of panicking, I decided to throw some energy at it. I threw energy at the project by writing down all of my potential back-up plans. I left a message for one, looked up the email address of another, I reached out to a friend to get a number of someone who might work....
After spending about a half hour throwing energy at it, my first choice interviewee got back to me.
And this time this week, the interview is complete, now I just have to write the paper.

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