Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Robin Medicine

With all of this working as usual, teaching yoga teacher training and being in graduate school part time stuff, it's a treat for me when I get to take a nice long walk and even when I take the time to watch a show on Netflix.

Last week, I made time for several walks; once I saw a coyote, once a hawk, and I saw robins on two different occasions.

Animal Speak says about robins: "...this wonderful bird is a traditional herald of spring." Spring is always associated with new beginnings and the robin symbol has a special slant on spring because of the robin's song: "The song of the robin is a cheery rolling trill. It reflects a need to sing your own song forth if you wish new growth. The robin lays a distinctive powder-blue egg. This is a color that is often used to activate the throat center in humans. This is a center associated with will force and creativity. The robin egg reflects the innate ability of those with this totem to assert the will force to create new growth in his/her life. When the robin comes to you it is to help you in this process. The robin will show you how to do it successfully" (Andrews, 1993, 190).

I do alright with speaking my truth in my journal, to my teacher, and in my Al Anon groups. Dear Robin, thanks for helping me continue to be brave in speaking my truth for the greatest good and for new beginnings in my personal relationships.

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