Friday, February 5, 2016

Productive Putzing

My Aunt Sheri and my mom were recently in town for a visit. During their stay, my mom made a special point to tell me about Sheri's packing and unpacking procedure. This ritual takes place at least once a day in the hotel: Aunt Sheri takes all of her stuff out of the various little bags it's packed in (the bags, by the way, are referred to by both Sheri and my mom as marsupials) and then puts the stuff back in.

My mom thinks it's kinda cuckoo. I relate to what Aunt Sheri's doing. When I'm out of town, for the most part,  I like to keep my stuff in my suitcase and refold it frequently. This putzing doesn't make logical sense, in fact it might seem like a strange way for me to waste my time, but somehow it helps me feel grounded. And anything that helps us feel grounded, whatever it is, wherever it is, is productive. 

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