Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Self-Esteem Check-In

What a strange time it's been lately. Mostly things have been going well; I'm excited about a new year and to go back to school. I like my work, my relationships feel solid, and I'm even remembering to have fun sometimes. But inside my head I have I been super mean to myself and judge-y. 

I took a little time this morning to consider self-esteem and to accept that it's fluid.
The great teacher Angeles Arrien says that "[t]he six steps to support and maintain self-esteem are: 1) being able to follow things step-by-step, which is a discipline that can sustain self-esteem; 2) being open, flexible, and resilient maintains self-esteem; 3) following what has heart and passion and meaning sustains self-esteem; 4) staying in one's truth and authenticity, and not abandoning oneself supports self-esteem; 5) communication that is delivered where content and timing are in sync sustains self-esteem; 6) consistent, sustained energy put into creative endeavors and relationships rather than erratic energy put into what we do will maintain self-esteem."

I resonate with this list and know that I'm doing pretty well in some areas whereas others could use my attention and support. Our relationships with others need time and energy in order to grow and strengthen, as does our relationship with Self.

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