Friday, January 29, 2016

Practicing Asking

It occurs to me that we're all different about asking and receiving. There's folks like my dad who flirt with the ladies working at the airline counter and ask if he can "balance out the load" by being upgraded to first class. There's a This American Life about guys like him who ask for the good guy discount.  Then there's folks like me: I feel kinda guilty asking for anything ever, unless it's from my mom or I'm paying for it.

One of the many great things my Restorative Yoga teacher Judith taught me is that giving is the best gig in town. I love giving to people and *I know* other people like giving too. I'm practicing asking. Twice this week I've asked friends who work up at the Ski Valley if I can partake in a hook-up or two, and I'm about to ask a third one. I'm not attached to outcome and I've said "Thank you either way." And true to my over-sharing self, I even told one of them I was practicing asking.

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