Friday, January 22, 2016


During the planning of my first yoga retreat, my retreat partner and I would get together once a week in the name of the retreat. Sometimes we would get a bunch done; people would sign up, we'd send money or work on the design of the postcards. Sometimes we would just sit and talk about how much fun we were going to have. Both felt productive; the sitting around and talking about fun fostered our connection to each other and to the retreat. Fostering whatever it may be: your own happiness, communication with people in your life or a specific project is a great way to spend time.

After going down to Santa Fe and back twice this week, I was thrilled to spend some time at home. Although I do have some home projects I want to tackle and spaces I'd like clean, I just set the timer for an hour to foster my home and its energy. I didn't accomplish anything grand, I swept, I put ice melt on some slippery parts of the path, did the dishes and burned incense. Nothing got checked off the list but I feel more grounded and connected to my space, which is enough for me. 

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