Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Decidedly Towards Cozy

Pretty much the only hope I have for sleeping a little later in the morning is when I'm at a hotel or someone else's house. Last night I stayed at my cousin Sally's lovely old Hacienda north of Santa Fe. Sally's alarm went off at 4am so she could do school work before going to regular work; my chances for sleeping in were shot. At that time of day, my mind loves to turn on. I didn't have anywhere to be until 1:30 pm; I was kinda at a loss. I stayed in bed for another 45 minutes, got up to do some work and then when it came time to meditate, I decided to do so laying down; not savasana, but a specific a meditation Jen taught me to soothe Vata. What came up for me for during my meditation was to be as nice as possible to myself for the rest of the day. A friend of mine has a rule: if she doesn't sleep well, the next day, she takes a nap. Laying snug under the covers, instead of upright on my cushion for meditation shifted the day decidedly towards cozy. "I'll take all this extra time to be nice to myself," I thought. The next logical question is: why don't I do this every day? Answer: no good reason. Even on busy days, even on days I'm working all day, slammed, running around hair-on-fire, there is no good reason not to be cozy, not be be nice, not to do my meditation under the covers.

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