Tuesday, January 12, 2016

David Bowie's Death

Thank you God for David Bowie: his fantastic music, his theatricality, his timing. In his nearly fifty year career, the fluidity he played with around gender is a small slice, and it powerfully impacted me and my actual real life friends. "Heroes" will always been one of my favorite songs, singing along to it makes me feel like a hero. Lordy I was sad yesterday when I heard the news of Mr. Bowie's passing and I still am. My good friend Lynne said, "Some people, you think, are never going to die." My first love and I listened to David Bowie's debut album "David Bowie" all the time, songs like "Uncle Arthur" and "The Laughing Gnome" are silly and so good. My best friend in college performed Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Dragtoberfest; I'd never been so proud of anyone in my life. Without David Bowie, there would be no Hedwig and the Angry Inch, no Dresden Dolls and what about Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyoncé and my good friend Mali's band? And these are just examples that have impacted ME; I'm no David Bowie scholar, there's thousands of other examples I've never even heard of. David Bowie's death brought up loss around more than David Bowie, it brought up pride and regret; some deaths do that. Sometimes you'll break up with someone, start dating someone else and when it ends with the second person, feel grief about the first. Thank you God for recovery, "In Al-Anon we learn that we cannot escape our feelings; we only postpone them."--Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses

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