Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"This is Fun!"

I've been confused about the holidays. I'm not crazy about eating lots and drinking lots. I love giving and receiving gifts, but I don't love the pressure some folks put on themselves to give LOTS of gifts. My mom works in retail and her only day off all season is Christmas Day; to go visit her means to spend just that day with her, a day when I also want her to rest, but that's not up to me. Then there's the whole weather part, which is real, and kinda surreal. All my New York friends have been talking about how warm it is up there! There's a snowflake icon on my phone's weather app for Taos for the rest of the week! Every time I watch TV news "Holiday Weather and Travel" seems to be the headline! Has it always been like this?

I am so happy I know about a website called mysticmamma, I look to it each New Moon and Full Moon and also at the "gateways" that are the change of season. Cathy Pagano, a contributor to mysticmamma, articulates why I've felt confused and helps me find an intention for the last few days of this year. She says, "We mark time with these celestial events, celebrating their symbolic meaning on our religious holy days, although we have commercialized them to such an extent that people no longer look forward to them. Which is a shame since celebrating these celestial changes gives our psyches a chance to let go and move on through celebrating with loved ones, music, food and good cheer."

Eureka! And thank you Cathy P! It is my intention to let my psyche let go this last week and a half of 2015. "This is fun!" will be my mantra.

In the spirit of letting go and relaxing, tipsandtricks will be taking the day off on Friday December 25th, 2015. Happy holidays, and see you next Tuesday!

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