Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Little Voice

The other day, The Little Voice inside my head told me not to do something and then I did it anyway. A few minutes later, The Little Voice inside my head told me to be careful when I was doing the next thing and I wasn't. An "accident" insued. Everything turned out ok and in the time between the accident and when I knew everything was ok, I was in deep judgement of myself for not listening to The Little Voice, also known as my intuition. My teacher Jen helped me to feel a lot better by telling me something that her teacher Ramesh used to say, "Intuition isn't right or wrong, it just is." "It's not that you didn't listen to your intuition," Jen said, "you just didn't do what it said." And maybe even if I had, what happened would have happened anyway, maybe what happened is my destiny. And maybe that everything turned out ok is my destiny. This learning that I've done around it is definitely my destiny.

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