Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I used to feel overwhelmed a lot, inundated by all there was to do, and lots of times, not sure how to do it. Thankfully I've learned to ask for help, I've learned about my most productive time of day, I've learned I like lists, and to put one foot in front of the other. This year, so many good things happened, I climbed to the top of San Pedro Volcano and Wheeler Peak, I applied to go back to school to get my masters in counseling and got accepted; big picture stuff. And lots of weird things happened that have never happened to me before, I got A WHOLE LOT of dental work, tipsandtricks dealt with an infringement case and currently, I'm in the process of a manged tax audit courtesy of the state of New Mexico. I moved into a bigger house with a lot more to take care of, I'm teaching teacher training next year, leading a retreat and I want to save energy for the people I love. Thankfully, I was told it's best for me to try and function at 73%. Yes, one foot in front of the other, send the stuff to the accountant, make a list when it's time to make a list, add to it if I got something done that wasn't on it, just so I can cross it off. Feeling overwhelmed is a mix up of small and big pictures; feeling responsible *for* instead of responsible *to.*

"Magic and power don't come from contemplating all that lies ahead, how much needs to be done, all that might go wrong, whether we'll get through. That's fear. We won't find magic and power by denying, escaping, or ignoring our feelings, even feelings of being overwhelmed. Feel what you need to feel. Release it. Go forward in love, one moment at a time." --Melody Beattie

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