Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Self Care Pouch

My mom and I have a special ritual called "I clean out her purse." Being an unabashed, only slightly recovered neat-freak, I love this ritual; because my mom's purse is supremely unorganized, she does too. Recently during this ritual I discovered my mom had no home for her self-care products. I transferred pens and pencils from one pouch to an inside purse pocket and re-named the old office supply sac the self care pouch. My teacher Ali taught me ages ago to travel with an altar; Ali brings her altar with her wherever she goes. Some of us take the saying "the body is a temple" seriously and for that reason, if none other, a self care pouch is an excellent idea. Your body is with you wherever you go, I say bring along some nice stuff to do for it. My self care pouch has coconut lotion, extra tissues, my favorite lip balm and an essential oil I use with my intentions throughout the day. If you don't use a purse, turn a pocket of your jeans into a self care pouch, or the interior slot in your car's door. By creating self-care systems, we acknowledge the Self that is with us wherever we go.

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