Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"It's A Privilege"

Recently I took a course on manifesting from the great Elena Brower. I enjoyed it and what she's teaching feels pretty much the opposite of the work I do in Al Anon. For the most part, the other people in the course asked questions about their careers. Some of the students wanted to talk about their anger and others, the school their kid goes to. The questions were great and I got something out of listening to Elena's response, even when it didn't feel like the topic had much to do with me.

In the last five minutes of the 4 week course, someone asked basically "Why Me?" She had the feeling that in some of her relationships, she's the one that tries, she's the one that is doing her work and she's bringing that learning her relationships. Maybe she even felt a little burnt out, like "Why do I always have to be the one...?" Elena didn't pause, "It is not your burden," she said, "it is your privilege." It is a privilege to do any growth work, any healing work, however large or small, and offer that learning, that vibration, to all our relationships, however large or small.

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