Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Changed My Mind

I love The Artist's Way and have done it a couple times over the years. It's provided much great magic for me, and allowed me to get rigid in some of my thinking. If I remember correctly, Julia Cameron suggests while you're writing Morning Pages, not to read them. This got me into my black-and-white thinking and I've thrown away many notebooks over the years in the name of not reading what I've written. Recently, I changed my mind and re-read a notebook/journal I've been using since May. It's not all Morning Pages, a lot of it is notes I took on the energies, ideas on writing, my Step Work and things I've learned that might be worth sharing. This softening around reading what I'm writing feels more open than my rigid ways of the past and grants me the opportunity to be, what Elena Brower calls, "a student of myself." I'm not a student of myself out of ego or because I'm some great teacher, I am a student of myself so I can do my best to learn what I've learned.

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