Friday, September 25, 2015

Work Life Balance

I've always enjoyed my alone time and I'm better now about peppering it into my schedule and making the most of it. It's been a full fall so far with the blessing of a family member who moved nearby (Hi Cous!), a visit from my teacher, and now my dad and Dee are in town. I am grateful to have so many people I love in my life who love me and want to come see me. I am realizing though that it is hard for me to have friends and family visiting while I maintain a slightly pared down work schedule. And it's always been challenging for me to take time off while remaining in town. My energy gets frayed more easily when I'm alone less and stuff gets bungled. This morning, trying to get one too many things done on my way to morning class, I locked myself out of my car.

I felt a bit curmudgeonly recently when I told my mom, "I don't think I get as excited as you do for vacations." It's just that I like real life and my routine so much, and although I do need breaks, traveling's da bomb, and I love my visitors, I'm always happy when status-quo returns. Taking little pockets of alone time in the midst of the visitor mix helps. Today I sent my dad and Dee to lunch solo; while they were gone, I did 20 minutes of savasana and wrote tipsandtricks.

It's kinda like balancing your checkbook after each use versus letting a whole bunch of transactions pile up before you deal. Have fun spending and take the time to do the math.

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