Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Greatest Hits Tipsandtricks 2014-2015

I knew I liked September first, but I totally forgot why. This morning tipsandtricks' editor-in-chief had a clairvoyant moment when she thought the Greatest Hits Tipsandtricks 2014-2015 was missing from the site. She then emailed me, remembering that tipsandtricks' birthday is "sometime in the fall." Yep, that's right, Morgs! It's today! And thanks for reminding me even though you didn't mean to!

Without further ado, here are the greatest hits from the last year:

1. What Is

2. Small Town Hygiene

3. Dang Quad Stretch on the Left Side

4. An Extra Day

5. Alchemies Between People

6. "Honor It By Relaxing"

7. Dear Chachi, (To be clear, I don't really feel like I wrote this tipandtrick, it came through me as a message to our dear friend who we lost too soon. I think of you every day Miss Chach).

8. For Being Gentle with Me

9. The Flow

10. "Like A Prayer"

Thank you for continuing to read, dear readers!

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