Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Aka Don't be Afraid of Being Boring

In the past, I've allowed my creativity to feel tapped out. Last year when I was writing big lesson plans for yoga teacher training and pieces for Vapour, tipsandtricks suffered. I recently started writing a book and thanks to the discipline I've cultivated with you guys here, it's not daunting for me to set a goal to write a page a day. I haven't done it every day since I started, but today, I am not behind. Since beginning the book, I've wondered if I'd keep up the tipsandtricks practice, sorta doubting that I could.

I have a friend who lives halfway across the world, who I hear from, so sweetly, once a year after I send her a Happy Birthday message on Facebook. She often mentions she reads the blog. I told her the truth of how I'd been feeling writing it, that I felt it had suffered since the book project began. She said what she likes most about tipsandtricks is "my honesty about different challenges and successes," that it makes makes her feel okay about her different challenges and successes. I felt happy.

Gretchin Rubin on her podcast with her sister recently talked about talking about the minutia of everyday life. In telling each other about our days (our challenges, our successes) we feel close. Aka, don't be afraid of being boring.

And my policy, and tipsandtricks' mission remains clear: to do so honestly or to quote Elena Brower's best friend from seventh grade one more time cuz it's so good: "Tell the truth about your feelings and your experiences; the good and the difficult and see the golden road appear that immediately connects you to others on the path. It's my favorite alchemy: this turning the garbage of shame and pain into the gold of understanding and relationship."

Cheers to believing creativity is a muscle, that there is an endless well, and to the truth and how it can teach us everyday.

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