Friday, August 14, 2015

Like A Prayer

I've genuinely worked on getting clear in my communication around money. I have many different clients and businesses that pay me for my work. Because often in my work it's just me and one other person who's paying me, I like be sensitive to others while having strong boundaries. Some clients don't mind paying me every time they see me, some would prefer to pay for a package of sessions so we don't have to do the money part every time. The other day a client paying for a package accidentally wrote the check out for less than they usually do. Problem easily solved. We'll just say this time they're buying fewer sessions. But when I noticed the amount the check was made out for, much later in the day, I got nervous. There was no reason to be nervous, but I did want to be conscientious in my text to my client about my solution to the problem. I sat with the words I wanted to say a bit and had the thought, "What if I treated this communication (or every communication) like a prayer?" I can be clear in my hopes and in the words I use to ask and then let go, just like a prayer.

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