Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Whims of Approval

Speaking of apologizing, in the program there's this really cool thing called a "Living Amends." It's when you change the offending behavior rather than just apologizing for it. I'm pretty open to changing my behavior and I like to do right by my loved ones. Recently, it became clear to me that I sometimes "over-correct" my conduct, by taking it to the other extreme. If someone points out that I keep complaining about something rather than doing anything about it, I might never talk to that person about that complaint again. That's pretty defensive and according to Jen, "severely codependent." How to step back from this extreme behavior is easier said than done. "Work towards approving of yourself," says Jen. When we approve of ourselves and our behavior, and know that we are doing the best we can, right by us, we're not reacting to the whims of approval of others.

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