Friday, July 24, 2015

The Flow

The other night, sitting in my kitchen, I realized I was flexing my foot. This noticing made me realize that actually I've been flexing my foot regularly since my ankle injury; to protect it. But my ankle's better now, my chiropractor moved a misplaced bone back into the right place and healing has been happening since. "How interesting," I thought, "I'm still defending it even though it's better." No doubt all the unnecessary foot flexion is not helping release and lengthen the tendons around the ankle. Time to let the habit go.

All week I've been mediating on "letting the energy continue to flow," rather than letting it get stuck around ALL aspects of my life. My exploration was highlighted when my teacher-crush Elena Brower talked about the same stuff with such wise words in her weekly newsletter to fellow yoga teachers:

"In Taoist philosphy, rather than placing emphasis on an individual component in any given context, the most important aspect is the flow. How well is energy moving through this situation, moment, pose, body, mind? 
When things become confusing, we have a tendency to focus, fix or finish this one thing--and think that will make it better. This mindset feels fearful, limiting and stagnent. 
Let's practice giving preference to fluency, fluidity, and allowing. Each time we do, we hand ourselves over to the highest intelligence. To stay connected to Source, to be in the flow, just a few remembrances will do.
Trust that all is moving in an evolutionary direction. Apologize when it's time to own it; and forgive when it's time to let go. Let the universe lead sometimes; but be ready when it's time to grow. And move, and meditate."

Thank you Elena, for the work that you do and for your wisdom, and for sharing yourself with us. 

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