Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Even Realized

Today is my teacher Jen's birthday. I met Jen when she had her B.E.S.T. practice in a little healing center just south of Grand Central Station. I got a job there as a receptionist after graduating from yoga school. God's honest truth? I didn't like Jen at first. She's kooky and a little over-communicative. The owner of the healing center had been my friend for several years, he had told me about B.E.S.T. and Jen many times. He said B.E.S.T. was helping him and he thought I'd really like Jen. "Ugh, weird, why?" I thought, "She's dorky." Dorky like me.

There at the healing center, I met my first private yoga client, a broker on Wall Street who was committed to changing his relationship to stress. We met twice a week, and I started teaching group classes too. Before long, I was working a lot. The vibe at the healing center was often challenging, the owner and his partner, who was the mother of his child, were going through a break-up; many of their fights happened in the healing space. I became more and more aware of how I didn't really like working there, the stress of the dismantling partnership was hard on everyone around it. I honestly don't remember how, but I ended up with an appointment with Jen. The first "priority" we worked on together for my health was quitting my job at the healing center. "But keep coming here to see you?" I asked. How awkward. I wasn't sure about B.E.S.T. at first, but over the months, she helped me navigate many more awkward situations, she helped me take responsibility for myself and get honest about the resentments I was harboring. I felt clearer in myself and about everything else in my life.

After working with Jen for four years, she helped me navigate my fears around leaving the lovely life I had in New York. One day, after she said something particularity profound I said, "You know Jen, you should write all this stuff down; people should read it." "Yeah," she laughed, "but I'm not a writer. You, you're a writer." Jen has used the computer like twice. I moved, I started tipsandtricks, I kept working with Jen, I learned more about B.E.S.T. She still helps me navigate awkward situations, I keep feeling clearer, things still get hard, and we work through them. About a year ago when I was back in New York, I had an in person session with her. She said something that she had said before, something I was still learning, "I should get this by now," I said, "there's even a tipandtrick about it." I told her about how often I quote her and what I'm learning from her. She only reads these posts if I send them to her email, but she knows. "Yeah, like we talked about," she said, "you're the writer." I hadn't even realized.

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