Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dear Chachi,

You were the first person to ever play the song "Emotional Rescue" in a yoga class. That was a good call, Baby Love.

You were the coolest out of all of us, maybe nobody said it, but we all knew it. You were the coolest not because you were from Costa Rica, or because you were the first one to die, but because:

You loved beer so much, you even knew how to make it. 

I didn't even know what a century bike ride was, and you had done one. 

When you said "Sunnyside, Queens," it sounded like a perfect two-word poem. 

Thank you for giving me rides after Midnight Yoga. Ya gotta be familiar with the New York City Subway System route changes that go into effect at 12am on Friday AND be the polar-opposite of a night-owl like me in order to truly understand what those rides meant.

I'm sorry the last time you ever called me, I texted you back. I'm sorry the last time you ever texted me, I facebooked back. I didn't trust that text was working on wifi when I was in Guatemala, I should have trusted. 

You are why we know about and get to go Villa Sumaya. Thank you for that. 

Sometimes I play all of my Spotify music on "shuffle" and it feels like Spotify picks the songs I'm going to hear. Yesterday when I pushed "shuffle," it felt like you picked the first song: "Slip Slidin Away" by Paul Simon. I don't even know if you liked Paul Simon. But I bet you did. I know you liked Dave Grohl, and I like him too, not because I looked into him for myself, but because you liked him. If you thought something was cool, it was; it still is. 

You already know this, but I'll explain for everyone else, that in yoga, sometimes we say a mantra on our inhales and exhales. Like "So" on the inhale and "Hum" on the exhale, or even, "Let" breath in, and "Go," breath out. Since I heard on Sunday, all I can practice is "I love you Chachi" on my inhale and "I love you Chachi" on my exhale. I hope you know I do. 

All over the world there are beautiful sunrises and beautiful sunsets. In New Mexico, yesterday, I got to see both. There was a special extra couple pink puffs in the sky last night, that seemed to be winking at me. Sometimes I think, "that's my Higher Power," when I see something cool in Nature; now I think, and hope, it's you.

I love you Baby Love, and I always will, 
Baby Love

Rest in Peace Chachi Luna Cruz
July 23, 1978--May 9, 2015

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