Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Honor It By Relaxing"

If we're being honest: I'm kind of a mess. I didn't sleep well last night or the night before, I've been having some trouble with a tooth which has been effecting my neck and shoulder. Further still, I'm moving May 1st and I have a lot of work looking at me between now and then. When I told my teacher Jen all about it this morning, I summed it up with, "I guess I'm just stressed, I'm moving after all." Jen said it's not necessarily true what we're taught when we hear people say, "I can relax after...." or "After fill-in-the-blank, I'll be able to breathe." Jen says no, that's wack, I can relax now. And today's reading from Journey to the Heart agrees with her, "But anything that needs to be done can be done better if we're relaxed....Just as water cannot pass naturally through a pinched hose, your vital life force cannot flow freely through you if you are cramped and tense. Honor the life force that is in you, that flows through you. Honor it by relaxing, opening to it, and inviting it to surge through your body."

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