Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Change is in the Air"

Sorry for the redundancy tipsandtricks readers who took my workshop on Sunday! I couldn't resist sharing this gem with our larger community. To all of you: may the change feel good.

"Just as the world around us changes and evolves, so do the circumstances and situations in our lives. We live in a universe that is alive, vibrant and constantly evolving. Change is the way nature, the universe and the Divine move us through each period of our lives and into destiny. We are led to our next lesson, our next adventure. There's no need to deny change, to fear it or fight against it. Change is inevitable. Just as the earth is in constant motion and transformation, so are we.

Take your place in the universal dance, the universal rhythm. Allow change to happen. Work with it as your life unfolds. Sometimes change comes in one smashing moment like a volcanic eruption. Other times it happens more slowly, the way the winds and rain sculpt bridges out of canyons.

Learn to trust your body--it's signs, signals, warnings and excited proclamations. We let the gathering clouds warn us of impending storms, and we learn to study and predict tremors in the earth. In much the same way, our body can function as a barometer for our soul and it's place in the constantly changing and evolving universe.

You are open now, more sensitive than you've been before. Change is coming. It's here. You can feel it in the air. You can feel it in yourself.

Thank your body for helping you.
Thank the universe for what it is about to do.
Then thank God because change will bring you closer to love."--Melody Beattie

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