Friday, March 20, 2015

Springtime Ritual and The Law of Allowing

I love this first-day-of-the-new-season stuff. Apparently, with the new moon in the last degree of Pisces, and the total solar eclipse, today is particularly powerful. I get most of my insights into these matters from the great

This morning I was feeling a little short on time when it came to getting in all the meditating, physical yoga and intention setting that I wanted to do before getting to my 8 am class, despite waking up extra early. I did make time for a nice long asana practice, but skimped-out a little on savasana, which is totally sacrilege of me; I strongly believe savasana's the most important part.

Having read on mysticmamma that "March 20th is a brilliant day for ritual and prayer," and a good day to start practicing "the Law of Allowing," I felt extra guilty. As I got up from my truncated corpse pose, I intended to myself that my whole day would be a ritual, and a prayer for allowing. So far it's working.

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