Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Extra Day

*photo courtesy of Dallas Photoworks

One of the things that I've been learning the last couple of years is to let go of black and white thinking. I even notice myself using the word "and" more and using the word "but" less. Last post, I wrote about being home alone with ourselves enough. Over the weekend we were hit with a huge snow storm here in Northern New Mexico. I was signed up to sub the Saturday and Sunday classes at Ojo Caliente. Ojo is a short 45-50 minute drive from Taos in good conditions. Knowing my journeys would be longer because of the inclement weather, I looked in to staying at Ojo for the night rather than turning around to drive back just to turn around and drive back. To my satisfaction, Ojo has an option for employees in my circumstances. A double wide trailer on the property for $10 a night provides staff, and even independent contractors like me, with a bed and towels, a warm shower, and a kitchen for cooking. I was excited; I knew getting the heck out of my apartment, my head, and my normal routine, even for one night, would be just the thing to finally snap me out of a recent funk.

The roads were hectic, the students at Ojo were happy I made the trip, and I was thrilled to stay and soak with no time limit. Spending time on the couch in the double wide Saturday evening with one of my fav daily readers, I read the February 29th entry. What a treat to have this page in the book even though we didn't have that extra day in the year this year:

"See All the Landscape

Climb to the top of a mountain. What do you see? Valleys as well as mountains. 
When you're on top of a mountain, you don't think, This is all there is. Or when you're driving through a hot, dusty valley, you don't think This is all there is. You know there is more. You know the truth. Both exist, and more besides. 
Life isn't an either/or situation. Don't work so hard forcing everything to be only good, delightful, joyous or pleasant, for when you reach the valley, you'll become miserably certain that life is only pain, sadness and tragedy. You're wasting energy when you try to convince yourself that life is only one way or the other. 
Look around. See all the landscpes--valleys, oceans, plains, and, yes, mountaintops. That's what life is: all of it. 

Enjoy the view."

--Melody Beattie

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