Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Love Smoothies

Traveling is such a solid way to keep perspective healthy. When I'm traveling, I have different thoughts and thinking patterns than I do when I'm back home in my regular routine. Typically when I travel, I do not worry about money. Which kinda doesn't make sense: there I am taking time off work and spending extra money to be somewhere else and somehow not worrying about money. I'll take it.

This last trip was different: I worried about money. Again, it didn't make sense, there was plenty of money to cover it all.

I need you guys to know that the trip was amazing, everything about it was perfect and my teacher Jen came. I couldn't have asked for more. But there I was, in my free time, worrying about money.

The place where we stayed had us so covered. It has incredible facilities, bounties of delicious food and a staff of the most sincerely kind people I've ever met. Did I mention the food? There was tons of it, a buffet at breakfast, lunch and dinner, all of it fabulous, and as much of it as we wanted. I fell in love with an "extra" item on the menu, something called a Love Smoothie. A heavenly mixture of coconut milk, banana, strawberry and cacao nibs, the Love Smoothie was on the snack menu, meaning it cost extra. The pequeño is $3.25 and the grande $4.50, tiny prices for the size and scrumptiousness of the thing. Despite feeling funny about money, I ordered this extra pretty much everyday for breakfast.

During one of our sessions on the trip, Jen told me to think about money as one way to express love. In her example, we had paid extra the day before to go on the volcano hike. The volcano hike was an experience that we gave to ourselves, an expression of love, albeit pretty tough love. Subsequently, Jen and I each got massages, we paid money for healing, another way of giving ourselves love. You guys, the name of the smoothie I fell for is Love, a slam dunk for Jen's message, straight to the heart.

Looking at money as love back in regular routine works too. I pay rent so that I can have an apartment, that apartment is love. In it, I love myself by sleeping, meditating and making food. Paying $15 to go to a yoga class is me giving myself love, $300 for an alternator is love and $4.25 for a Valentine card surely is love too.

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