Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Monkey or the Devil

Yesterday we hiked to the top of San Pedro Volcano. Three and a half hours of going straight up, approximately a 4,000 foot elevation gain. Our trusted guide, Domingo suggested we stop only a few brief times so as not to get tired. He taught us many things about he cloud forest we were walking through along the way. We learned of an endangered bird, the Pavo de Cacho, a large bird with a red horn. When Domingo thought we might encounter one, he asked us to "walk slowly and talk slowly." We didn't see one but we heard it sing. He pointed out trumpet flowers and the bowl of the volcano. And a flower that's sometimes called "The Monkey's Hand" and sometimes "The Devil's Hand." Domingo said, "You can see everything, if only you use your imagination often." Just like any other muscle.

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