Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Canada Goose

Yesterday on my walk, I was struck by a small flock of Canadian Geese. I couldn't remember the last time I had seen some of those.

Mr. Andrews says of Canadian Geese, "Their leaving in the autumn stirs our imagination and makes us want to search for new worlds and dimensions. [Their] V- formation is very symbolic in itself. It reflects in its shape an opening to new possibilities. It is like an arrowhead pointing to new directions and new possibilities, and with one end open, it also reflects an openness to new ideas. For anyone with a goose as a totem, greater vision, physical and spiritual, will occur."

He continues, "Goslings are very quiet, especially in the first part of their life, and then they learn to break free. A goose as a totem can reflect that you are about to break free of old childhood restraints and begin to come into your own."

How lovely. Last night, at dinner, my friend told me what one of her teachers said about 2015: it is possible to step away from fear and into love, this year, more so than ever before.

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