Friday, December 26, 2014

The Etymology of a Kitten

I couldn't help but notice the kitten who was visiting my voice teacher from Albuquerque during our lesson this morning. She had a lampshade around her neck since she had just been neutered, and when she wasn't attempting to climb up my calf, she wrestled with the nearby indoor tree.

The kitten's name is Moxie. The Online Etymology Dictionary defines moxie first as courage, and refers to its history as the name of a soft drink and "before that, a patent medicine used to 'build up your nerve.'"

Courage comes from the french word for heart: le coeur. The french word corage means "heart, inner most feelings, temper."

After becoming smitten with said kitten and the message in her name, my voice teacher handed me a medal that says, "Be Brave."

There are messages everywhere, some are subtle and others are so dang adorable, you couldn't miss them if you tried.

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