Friday, December 12, 2014

"That Spell is Broken"

Usually I feel fairly invincible to the depression that runs in my family, but not this week. This week, I have been full of gloom and feeling sad sad sad. Then a friend of mine said a couple of things to me that got me all triggered and insecure.

Last night, I woke up to what a crab-apple I was being. What my friend said were just words, illustrating her set of beliefs; I don't have to let them live in me. I smudged myself and my whole apartment saying out loud "That spell is broken." I got a good night sleep. This morning I did a short but strong yoga practice including yoga medicine called handstand and upward facing bow pose. I got the the gym before class and had a good stint of running on the treadmill, all the while saying to myself, "That spell is broken."

Thanks to the little bit of magic I know, that spell is broken.

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