Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Calling on Roadrunners

Yesterday on my way home from Ojo, I saw a roadrunner race across the highway about a hundred feet in front of me; its profile so distinctive I knew what it was right away. Finally getting around to reading Animal Speak today, I realize I sure could use some roadrunner juju.

Animal Speak says, "The roadrunner is actually a ground-dwelling cuckoo. It has almost lost the power of flight, but on rare occaisions they do fly. It can run as fast as 18 miles per hour.  The roadrunner teaches mental agility and speed. Those with this totem will think quickly and on their feet. The roadrunner will help you to shift your thought process with speed and agility."

Today's been funky so far: my 11 am client switched to 6:30 am, so I missed my favorite 7:30 yoga class. When my 6:30 client's session ended, I decided to stay in the neighborhood since my 9:30 am client lives just up the road. I had spent about a hour at Taos Cow, making some headway on my next piece for Vapour, when I got a message from my 9:30 am client, cancelling. This extra shift in the schedule left me at a loss, I thought about meeting up with Smokey to go for a walk, but felt cold, so I came home, turned up the heat and tried to get some more writing done. When the writing wasn't flowing, I opted to do 20 minutes of legs up the wall. The Restorative Yoga interlude was by far the best choice I could have made.

We all have changes in our program happen from time to time, and I'm learning more and more to roll with them. I used to have no idea what to do with myself when a client cancelled, and usually, I'd sit around and freak out about money. These days, I use unexpected free time to take care of myself, "The tail of the roadrunner works like an air brake. It facilitates stops and shifts in the mental process." Sometimes before you can shift, you have to stop.

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