Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Small Town Hygiene

A friend of mine recently had a job interview. Clearly, it went well, the company she interviewed with asked her to create a mock media campaign for an upcoming movie they're releasing. She did a bang up job with it, I know cuz she let me look at it.

She never heard back from the company, and a week after she sent in her mock campaign, she looked at their website and they had re-posted the job; she didn't get it.

When we were talking about it the other day, I got kinda pissed. I don't think it's cool that they never contacted her. A simple "Thank you for applying," at least, would have been courteous. Even though I felt disgruntled, I know that's the way it works. As my friend said, "It's New York, they don't care about little old me."

I've only been out of New York for three years, but I've gotten used to the way things are here. In a small town like Taos, if you don't want to go to therapy anymore, you tell your therapist, you don't just skip your next appointment and then never show up again. And you'd better tell your landlord if your rent is going to be late; and dissolve your affairs kindly. Your therapist, landlord and ex-lover all shop at the same grocery store you do and ya'll are going to run into each other. Mike calls this small-town-inspired honesty "Small Town Hygiene." And I've come to believe Small Town Hygiene is the way to live, even in big cities. It's good for all of us to give our hairdresser another chance after they screw-up royally on our color. And if they bungle it the next time, then it's good for us to be honest and kind when we tell them we're going to try another colorist. Allowing people the change is part of Small Town Hygiene. Sometimes the guy who used to be a jerk to his wife quits drinking, or your hairdresser gets their shit together. Forgive, do your best, and keep your relationships clean, the small town way.

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