Friday, October 24, 2014

Any Posture We Find Ourselves In

In yoga, we learn that tension is a form of resistance. This is is easily demonstrated in the postures we take on our mats; we separate ourselves from the poses by tensing our shoulders or wishing the teacher wasn't teaching plank. The same is true for any posture we can find ourselves in in life. I create stress every time I do something while wishing I was doing something else. I create strain when someone's talking to me and I'm not really listening. I create tension every time I wish things were different than they are.

Deepak knows what I'm talking about, "Your mind blocks the free flow of energy by saying, 'This is how things must and should be.' Letting go releases you from this insistent grip, and when you let go, new forms of reality can enter." One day, plank gets easier and the way things are suddenly make perfect sense; these 'new forms of reality' will not be experienced if we let resistance win.

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