Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chakra Clearing

It's been a while since we've talked about smudging, but I still think it's a good idea and I smudge on a regular basis. I love having a solid, tangible way to CLEAR energy.

Last night, I smudged myself before doing a simple full moon ritual. Typically when I smudge myself or somebody else, I go up the chakras. The chakras make a great map because they are metaphysical centers with physical locations. Yesterday before my ritual, I added each chakra's seed affirmation, followed by the word "clear," and my prayer felt more powerful thanks to its verbal confirmation.

To clear energy in and around you, using a smudge stick, light your smudge stick and:

Lift up the sole of one foot and wave the smoke of the sage onto that sole and then the other sole of your foot and then all the way up your inner legs into the bowl of your pelvis. While doing so, breathe and say, "I Am Clear." 

Move the smoke and the smudge stick in front and in back and around the sides of your pelvis and sense, "I Feel Clear."

Shift the stick and the smoke up to the front, back and sides of your belly and intend "I Will Clear."

Draw the smudge and its smoke up to all of the sides of your heart, every last corner of your heart and claim, "I Love Clear."

Swirl the smoke around all parts of your neck and throat and announce, "I Speak Clear."

Gently bring the smoke near the space in between your eyebrows and recognize out loud, "I See Clear."

And lastly, open the smoke to the area above the crown of your head, moving it in all directions around the crown of your head and realize, "I Know Clear."

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