Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two is Not Better than One

I been feeling this whole Robin Williams thing. The other day on CBS Sunday Morning, there was a clip of him from one of his one man shows. He had some joke about if one is good, then an alcoholic asks excitedly, "What happens if I take four?"

Earlier this summer, I had a very similar conversation with a friend of mine who had recently quit drinking. She noticed that one drink had lasted me all evening and she mentioned that she could never have just one, which is why she stopped.

Although it's been a while since I've felt the strong urge to have more than one alcoholic drink, I know all about the "two must be even better," feeling. The feeling happens sometimes when I get a shirt I really like, then, as fast as I can, I get another one in a different color. Invariably, the second one doesn't fit as well, or that second color isn't as great as the first, and it usually spends 6 months to a year in my closet before getting taken to the consignment shop. And the first shirt, which never did anything wrong, someone looses its luster, almost as if the second one dragged their average down.

I think it's time to start applying all the good learning I've been doing around patience to my desire for material objects. Next time I find myself voraciously wanting another one of something I already have, I'll think twice.

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