Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Other People, Other Dogs

I'm only a baby at Al-Anon, I haven't started the steps yet, but I've been averaging about a meeting a week and I gotta tell you: it really helps.

In Al-Anon, we work on trusting our "Higher Power," and thus, our Higher Power's plan.

There's this dog who lives in my neighborhood. I've never seen him on a walk and I've never seen him go into the house with his people; he is always tied up outside. In the winter, in the summer, he's tied up outside, sometimes he lays peacefully and sometimes he barks at people or cars and it completely breaks my heart.

The other morning when I was getting my mail he barked at me, and instead of feeling sorry for him like I usually do, I had a little something to say to my Higher Power. I said, "I love that dog and I believe in your divine plan for that dog." It felt so good to think that that I kept thinking it, silently to myself, all the way to yoga and even during yoga class. I realized it's none of my business to feel sorry for other people, other dogs, whatever, or whoever. It's my business to trust my Higher Power and when I do, I trust that my Higher Power has a better plan than I could ever even imagine.

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