Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hummingbirds Are Kind of a Big Deal

Hummingbirds have been everywhere lately. Lots of times, hummingbirds mistake my ristra wreath for a flower, there's almost always one around the yurt at Ojo, and sometimes it even seems like one might think I'm a flower when I'm out on my deck having a smoothie and it gets awfully close.

Swami Satchidananda talks about the name "God" versus the word "OM" in his translation of the Yoga Sutras. "...'God' is also a limited [name] because the very vibrations of the letters are limited. So Patanjali wants a name that can give an unlimited idea and vibration and which can include all vibrations, all sounds and syllables, because God is like that--infinite. So Patanjali says His name is 'Mmmm..' We can't easily say 'Mmmm,' so it is written OM."

We OM in yoga class to connect to the source through the vibration that is the source. That vibration is in me and it's in you and, clearly, it's in hummingbirds; when we OM together, we do it to be reminded of that. Hummingbirds are always OMing and next time you see one, you can OM with it, even if it's just silently to yourself; or, like in yoga class, you can choose just to listen. As Satchidananda says, "But you need not hum to feel God's presence. There's no need to create him, but just to feel him in you. If you close your eyes and ears, sit quietly, allow the mind to be completely silent and then listen within, you will hear Him humming. He talks to us always, but we talk (read: think) so loud we fail to hear his speech."

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