Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To Make An Altar

 I'll never forget the day that my friend Pepper first came over to my place almost 10 years ago. She looked around confused and said, "Where's your altar?"

At the time, to make an altar was exactly the project I needed to connect me to spirit and to remind me of spirit, right there in my tiny apartment. A few years later, I went to yoga teacher training, where it was a requirement to have an altar. If you didn't have one, make one pronto, and thanks to Pepper, I felt ahead of the curve. These days, I even bring an altar with me when I travel: a few reminders I set up after I've arrived where I'm staying.

Lots of times, I ask my clients if they have a meditation practice. In B.E.S.T., we do lots of the learning about how our body's are constantly physiologically responding to our thoughts. Taking time to meditate: to connect with breath (source) and witness our thoughts is a great reminder that we are not our thoughts; we don't even have to think our thoughts and we certainly don't have to believe them.

If you don't yet have a meditation practice but you want one, make an altar somewhere in your home. Mindfully place a book of inspirational quotes, a picture of someone you love or a stone that reminds you of whatever you believe in. Pepper and I promise you that the creative power that created you is worth spending some time with.

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