Friday, July 4, 2014

Magic Everywhere

In another totally unprecedented turn of events, I ended up being in a picture that looks exactly like a tarot card. The magic of this was totally unintentional; I did not realize I looked like a tarot card until many hours after the picture was taken. I am learning that if I take the time to connect with myself, I can find open doors to healing, by myself. I'm also learning that, although it is fun to have someone else read my tarot cards, I might not need them to, and for that matter, I might not even need the cards! What does help though is the great The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien. I would have no idea what these ancients symbols stand for without it.

"The Hanged Man represents the universal principle of recognizing and awakening to repetitive patterns that bind, limit, and restrict our growth and evolution. The Hanged Man is a pattern breaker. In order to break limiting patterns, it is often necessary to take a distinctly different posture, or stance, such as turning ourselves upside down to get another view of a restrictive pattern or stuck place in consciousness that is being experienced. The Hanged Man represents that state of consciousness which requires that we move beyond ego and trust deeper aspects of who we are. This is the state of surrender and acceptance which is the preliminary step required before we can free ourselves from destructive and limiting patterns we experience in our lives...This symbol ultimately teaches us that there are always many more options, solutions and perspectives to consider than those in which we are currently invested" (Arrien 1978, 69).

I could definitely use a little trusting the "deeper aspects" of who I really am. A Course in Miracles has a prayer, "I am willing to see things differently." I see a yoga pose, a tarot card and magic everywhere.

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