Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Few Things I Love

I love Elena Brower. Her reminders to soften will never get old; I think she is exactly the teacher so many of us need right now. At the end of all of her classes, during "Namaste," she bows to "all of our teachers and to our families."

I love Caroline Myss' book, Anatomy of the Spirit. Holy Moly, you guys, that book is so good. In the course of the book, Myss takes the reader through "seven stages of healing and power:" the chakras. In the first chakra section, we deal with tribal power, the power we were born into by being born into the tribe that we were born into. Myss says, "Our tribes 'activate' our thinking processes...[And] The process of spiritual development challenges us to retain the tribal influences that are positive and to discard those that are not."

In B.E.S.T., we learn that in order to heal from something, the first step is to find the good and to be grateful for whatever it is we are healing from; only then can we be transformed. Thank you Elena, for your constant reminder that I am so grateful for everything I received from my family of origin. And thank you Ms. Myss and Al-Anon for giving me permission, even inviting me, to "take what I like and leave the rest."

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