Tuesday, June 3, 2014


There's lots of articles online these days about how successful people start their day early and positively with exercise and meditation or planning. Sometimes, these articles will mention the power of starting the day with an intention. I try to have an intention everyday. Sometimes my intention feels specific like, "Today, I'm going to try and be nice to myself," and other times it feels more open: "Today, I intend to be in meditation and love. All day." Lately, it's been my intention to listen.

I know I'm guilty for getting excited about the thing that I want to say while the person I'm with is still talking. Although I think I'm getting better at not interrupting, often times I'm thinking of how I'm going to relate what I want to say to what so-and-so is saying instead of listening, which is, actually, its own kind of interrupting.

More and more lately, my intention is just simply: to listen. To listen to what the teacher is saying when I'm in yoga class, rather than thinking about whether or not I want to say that when I'm teaching. To not jump in every time so-and-so takes a pause, maybe they're not finished. And most especially, I am trying to listen less to my own thoughts--those things are crazy. The more work I do to clear them out, the better I feel. They other day, I was in a huge funk and my mind was telling me all kinds of awful things. Finally, I laid down for a while in savasana, and imagined all of the energy in my neck, face, head and brain clearing away. "AHHH," I remembered; I can listen even when I'm all by myself, I can listen and be guided by the voice of God.

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