Tuesday, June 24, 2014

And Mica Mines Help Too

On a fairly regular basis, I forget that everything's ok, that I'm fine, and that feeling like I need to connect with someone else, usually just means I need to connect with myself. Sometimes, I get lucky and the days that I feel that way are holidays. Like last weekend, when it was Summer Solstice; that was the best.

Nature Speak comes with its very own meditation to do on Summer Solstice. I hiked to these beautiful mica mines and sat down and read the meditation. Some of the meditation was pretty far out, lots of visualizations, but I can go there, and it was all about connecting me to me. Towards the end of it, it asked me to imagine being at a table with fellow truth-seekers about to have a meal, "As the bread is passed around, with its taste comes the awareness that you will never again lack for loving guidance." I turned into a weepy mess. It's just so true that all of the answers and connections that we could ever need are right here, right now, within us. It just takes time, like all things take time, time and love. And mica mines help too.

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