Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Snakes Don't Have Eyelids

In another unprecedented turn of events, I did not have any clients today after my 9:30. Smokey and I decided we wanted to see the river. It's been raining a lot here lately and sure enough, the river was flow-ing. On our way home, right there in the middle of the Hondo-Seco road, was a huge snake, just laying there. I didn't see it until I was already upon it, all I could do was my best to drive so that my tires were on either side of it. I looked back through my rear-view mirror at it and it still hadn't moved. "Gosh, I sure hope it's okay," I thought. Smokey never even noticed it.

I was the only girl I knew when I was little who wasn't afraid of snakes. I was so unafraid of snakes that I wanted to have one as a pet. For some strange reason, my mom let me get one. Although I didn't have her for long, I loved my snake. She was so pretty, I named her Cherry, Cherry for her beauty, but also for the color of her gorgeous red eyes. I learned then that snakes don't have eyelids, which I forgot until today. Holy crap! Snakes don't have eyelids!

I am in the process of getting contact lenses. So far, I've been too scared to take the dang things out of my eyes and too scared to put them back in. I love closing my eyes, they often feel tired and sensitive; I really love closing my eyes when there's a finger or two heading right towards them.

According to Animal Speak, snakes mean a lot of different things: they're controversial, and "Religious sources argue over whether [the snake] is the symbol of the higher or the lower." Snakes eyes, however are not unprotected, despite their lack of eyelids. Supposedly, their eyes have transparent scales over them, sometimes called "spectacles;" like contacts! Oh my gosh you guys! Maybe I can do this!

I remember a homework assignment I had during prenatal yoga teacher training. The training was at a lovely center in Massachusetts called Kripalu. Kripalu had a big hot tub in the basement and right next to it, a cold tub. One night it was our homework to get all warm and cozy in the hot tub and then jump into the cold tub. I would have never done such a thing if it wasn't assigned to me, but turns out it wasn't so bad. What the heck does getting in the cold tub have to do with teaching pregnant ladies how to move and breathe? It's a reminder that it's all just sensation. The cold-dunk is a sensation, the light pinching required to take contacts out, is just a sensation and the feelings associated with childbirth, those feelings are also just sensation. (Great job everybody who's ever given birth to a baby!) What trips us up and gets us stuck is when we attach to the sensation.

I sure have been feeling tripped-up and stuck around this contacts thing. It's good to be reminded I was the only little girl I knew who wasn't afraid of snakes.

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